Replacements and Upgrades for Invisible Fence® Brand Owners

invisible-fence-partsThough ANDI’S FENCEALL is not affiliated with the Invisible Fence® brand, we do from time to time receive customers who wish to upgrade to a Pet Stop® brand system.

If you’re a current Invisible Fence® owner (or any other pet containment system such as Petsafe® , Dog Guard® , or Dogwatch®), and were looking to switch, we can help with cost effective options.

Why Upgrade?
Pet Stop® brand systems offer several features that are absent from other pet containment systems, such as our patented GentleSteps™ training technique and Comfort Contacts®. Not only is Pet Stop one of the best-known names in the industry AND manufactured right here i the United States, while most other competitors manufacture their systems in China.
Our clients may upgrade from Invisible Fence® for a variety of reasons:

  • Our service record - we are your best local source for pet containment sysems
  • Control - you can choose and control your own correction levels
  • Cost efficiency - annual battery costs are about half of Invisible Fence's
  • Compatibility - our collars and transmitters can work with most other brands

Speaking of Compatibility...

dog collarPerimeter Technologies also offers Invisible Fence® compatible batteries for the R21 and R51, and receiver collars.

Designed by former Invisible Fence® engineers, the original Power Cap® battery and Perimeter® ComputerReceiver are not only designed to be compatible with 700 series Invisible Fence® systems - they're designed to be better. With increased durability, a longer battery life, and increases in safety and comfort for your pets (as well as a major price cut, virtually 1/2 the cost), there's nothing to lose.


Pet Stop ® is a registered tradmark of Perimeter Technologies, Inc
GentleSteps™, Comfort Contacts®, Power Cap® battery, and Perimeter® ComputerReceiver are tradmarks of Perimeter Technologies, IncInvisible Fence ® is a registered trademark of Radio Systems Corporation
Invisible Fencing ® is a registered trademark of Radio Systems Corporation
Invisible Fence® R1™ Computer Collar is a registered trademark of Radio Systems Corperation
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